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New Hymn for Pentecost

June 11, 2011

For Pentecost this year at Cornerstone, we’ll be learning this new hymn by David L. Ward (2006). One of the things I really like about his text based on a prayer from The Valley of Vision, is the focus of the work of the Spirit in revealing Christ, conviction of sin, and applying the Gospel to our hearts. You can find out more about this song and David Ward here.

O God the Holy Spirit, Eternal one of three,
My comforter and teacher, Be merciful to me.
You hovered over chaos The land and sea to part
So manifest Your power To calm my restless heart.

O God the Holy Spirit, Direct me to the cross
Where I can see the suff’ring My waywardness has cost.
In Jesus’ death please show me The power of my sin
And by His life convince me This battle He will win.

O God the Holy Spirit, Put Jesus on display:
Remind me how my Savior Took all my guilt away.
My sins were all forgiven And satisfaction made;
Atonement was completed, My captive soul was saved.

O God the Holy Spirit, Come deepen and impart
These saving, loving lessons Upon my desp’rate heart
That I might loathe my evil And flee from Satan’s snares
Then run to my Redeemer And cast on Him my cares.

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