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Worship Notes for Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 22, 2013

We are pleased to welcome Stacey Croft to preach this Sunday from Luke 18. Stacey serves as the RUF minister at Vanderbilt University and is an active member of the Nashville Presbytery. We will be tracing the theme of faith like a child even as we consider the passage from Luke in which Christ welcomes the children to himself. The Call to Worship from Psalm 66 invites us to shout for joy and sing of His glory for He is awesome in His deeds towards the children of man. The opening hymns, Come Christians, Join to Sing and Glory Be to God the Father are both strong declarations of praise to God for who He is as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, our Redeemer, King of the Church and of nations, and full of goodness.

The New Testament Reading from I John 5 reminds us of the role of love and faith towards the Father as fruit of our belief in Christ. The Prayer of Confession from I Corinthians 1 confronts our sinful proclivity to seek after reason and worldly wisdom to explain our faith as opposed to the “folly” of the cross and what appears to be weakness, but in reality shows the strength of God.

Our first Communion Hymn is I Will Praise Him Still which speaks of the child-like faith of trusting God beyond what appears to be our present circumstances. The second Communion Hymn is Holy Father, Hear My Cry as a simple but profound prayer of mercy with the desire to know the love, peace, and presence of God.

We conclude by singing Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer with the hope that we would ever rise on the wings of faith to be more and more like our Savior.

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