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Worship Notes for Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 13, 2013

As we move into the passage in Luke 11 just after the Lord’s Prayer, we find Jesus’ instruction on what our attitude and approach to prayer should be—to speak boldly to our gracious Father who freely gives us all things. The Call to Worship from Psalm 105 invites us to seek the Lord and His presence continually and to remember His wondrous works. Give Thanks to God the Lord reminds us of the works of the Lord for which we owe Him great gratitude and thanksgiving—“Rejoice all you who seek the Lord, come glory in His name.”

Psalm 63: O God Thou Art My God Alone recognizes God as the object of our longing even as He shows the footsteps of His grace in our lives.

The New Testament Reading from Romans 8 addresses our position as children of God and fellow heirs with Christ. For the Spirit intercedes in our weakness to the Father. Our Confession of Sin comes from James, Jonah, John Philippians and Psalms and highlights the loving care of our Father who supplies our every need. We continue by singing Before the Throne of God Above and His love that lives and pleads for us.

The Hymns for Communion are O Love of God, that sings of the gracious love of the Father, and Approach My Soul, the Mercy Seat as a reminder of the work of Christ as our mediator. We conclude by singing What Wondrous Love is This as praise and wonder at the gift of the Lamb slain on our behalf who redeems us from sin and death and supplies our need in glory in Christ Jesus.

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