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Worship Notes for Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 23, 2013

This Sunday we enter the season of the Church year known as Ordinary Time or the Sundays of Pentecost—the period between Pentecost and the start of Advent. The Church calendar starts in Advent with the prophecies and anticipation of the coming and second coming of Christ and then moves through His life and ministry culminating in the season of Easter with resurrection, ascension and the birth of the Church on Pentecost. In a very real sense, this season of Ordinary Time is the story of the Church in the book of Acts as we await the Second Advent—it is living in the outworking of redemption.

Our sermon series on the Luke 11 and the Lord’s Prayer continues with “Our Daily Bread” and so we will focus on God’s provision, our propensity for anxious hearts, and resting in the Savior who gives us what we need. The Call to Worship from Psalm 107 reminds us that the Lord satisfies the longing and hungry soul with good things. We sing of His daily provision in Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah and of His watchful care in How Firm a Foundation.

Our New Testament Reading from II Corinthians 8 sets forth Christ as becoming poor so that we might become rich—a spiritual reminder that He provides for our needs and we should graciously and humbly provide for other’s needs. The Prayer of Confession from Matthew 6 strikes at our anxious hearts that often think too much about daily needs instead of relying in faith on our Father abundantly provides. We continue by singing Psalm 73: O God How Good Thou Art for “burdened with anxious care” we see the goodness of the Lord in His house.

Our final hymn is My Shepherd Will Supply My Need as a sung reminder of the Good Shepherd who provides for our needs as presented in Psalm 23.

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